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If you found yourself making a lot of purchases online, like I do, then I would recommend to start using free gift cards to bring cut down cost. The internet has made it so easy for us to buy things, both digital and physical, shipped to our home or downloaded to our computers without leaving the confines of our home.

But do you know that if you’re a regular online shopper, you can be saving a considerable part of your shopping costs with free gift cards. It’s not that many consumers don’t know about free gift cards but they just can’t be bothered since they think getting them involves a kind of expertise.

Some shopper, on the other hand, only use a free gift card when they see it publicly displayed. They don’t know that free gift cards are available for a host of other things they do online. Free gift cards can be used for a plethora of things online. You can use them to purchase apps for your smartphones. You can buy things from your local grocery store. You can subscribe or buy plenty of online services.

11 Platforms where Free Gift Cards can help you save money in 2018

Google Play Store

With the news that Android phones are shipping more than iOS based phones, even in the United States, it means increasing number of people are waking up to the versatility and control you can get from Android-based phones. With hundreds of thousands of apps already in the Store and hundreds being added daily, Google Play store has become the largest mobile phone store.

Although you can get things done with many top of the pack free apps that abounds in the Google Play store, you need to pay to enjoy some exclusive cool features. With an average Android user downloading as many as thirty apps, the money you spent can quickly go up. Free gift cards for Google Play Store will let you enjoy music, video, TV shows and apps

Apple App Store

The App Store run by Apple on all devices operating iOS is another platform you can use free gift cards. The Store features movies, music, apps, books & audio books, TV shows and iCloud storage subscriptions. Though not as big as Google Play Store, it has an advantage in that it a more moderated platform.

Though the App Store abounds with free apps, to enjoy premium apps you need to cough out money from your pockets which can quickly build up depending on the apps you love or work with. Knowing how to get free App Store gift cards can help you take off some financial burdens in that aspect.


With 170 million monthly active subscribers, Spotify has become the largest music streaming service in the world. That figure is not even looking to go down very soon, thanks to awesome features that are constantly drawing people of all age categories to the entertainment service. As with all freemium applications, you can enjoy basic features free though you will have to contend with adverts and certain limitations. If you want to take the value you get from Spotify to the next level you will have to go with paid subscriptions. Luckily, Spotify has a gift card section that can help bring your subscription costs down if you know how to get them free.


Amazon free gifts cards are some of the easiest to get on the planet. Many online websites and survey services usually hand out these whenever they’re doing giveaways and contests. There are some services that will even let you exchange your digital currencies and used goods for Amazon gift cards. And with Amazon dabbling into all facets of online shopping, what you can do with your Amazon free gift cards is limitless. On many websites reviewing the best gift cards yearly, Amazon gift cards always come out on top. What I love about Amazon gift cards is that they don’t have any fees associated. And you don’t need to worry that they will expire.

Microsoft Store

Because Microsoft Windows doesn’t hold as much share in the mobile phone industry as Android and iOS, it is easy to think usage of Windows-based products is going down. Microsoft Store, the distribution channel for anything Windows, is gaining a lot of ground in the digital world. It is a unified platform that distributes apps from Windows Marketplace, Windows Phone Store and Xbox-related video and music. It offers customers opportunity to get apps for their specific devices. Microsoft makes available Windows gift cards that can be used to buy and download apps, games, music and video. I’ll explain ways you can get free Microsoft Store gift cards later on in this post.


Skype is one of the biggest digital telephony services in the world. With Skype, you can make voice calls and video chats between internet-enabled devices and from computer to regular telephones. You can also transmit instant messages that may include text, images, audio and video. Though the basic services from Skype are free, to call a landline or a mobile phone number, you need to subscribe or get Skype Credit.

Skype has a feature that makes it easy to gift someone that is in your Skype contacts credit they can use to call. There is another feature that makes it easy to send someone a Skype voucher even if the person is not a Skype contact. This allows companies and websites to organize promos for their users where they can win free Skype gift cards.

Playstation Store

The PlayStation brand boasts of some of the most popular game console ever made. Ever since Sony released the first Playstation console in December 1994, it has always been one landmark product or another. PlayStation call their gift voucher ‘Store Cash Card’ and it can allow you to pay for subscriptions, movies, TV shows, downloadable games and games add-ons.

Due to the popularity of the Playstation brands all over the world, many stores and businesses offer free Playstation gift cards whenever they’re doing contests and giveaways.

iTunes Stores

The iTunes Store caters to the needs of the millions of iTunes users around the globe. The platform that started more like a music player for Apple products is now an application management interface. Up till 2011, updates cannot be installed on any Apple devices without the application, making iTunes a must-have on iOS-based gadgets. That is no more the case since you can use iOS devices without installing iTunes. However, the app is still officially recommended to backup and restore phone contents, and to transfer files between computer and iOS apps.

An iTunes gift card will allow you to buy apps, music, books, TV shows from the iTunes Store, Mac App Store and iBooks Store. The card comes in a variety of $25, $50 and $100. Getting a free gift card for iTunes Store is easy though the card comes with certain limitations. Steam

If you’re passionate about PC games, then chance is you may have at least heard of Steam. If you have not, then you’re missing out on a lot of benefits from this number one player in online PC games. Steam allows users to install and update games automatically. But the real deal lies with the community features that come with the platform. A player can create friends’ lists and groups and save their games in the cloud. There is also a voice and chat feature that allows you to communicate with others.

Steam physical and digital gifts cards enable a user to download and play new or favorite games from a list that runs into thousands. You can also use your voucher to purchase hardware on the platform. Many PC game lovers I know are always on the lookout for free Steam gift cards.


Ebay gift cards are another popular gift cards that is readily available online. The multinational e-commerce giant offers a huge variety of goods and services for sale. With expansion into a host of other countries, Ebay has become a major player in online auction and e-commerce ---

Ebay gift cards enable buyers to shop from hundreds of categories that has been tailored to the need of all manners of people. There are many retail stores offering Ebay gift cards for sale. And you will easily find high numbers of live contests and giveaways where the prize on offer is a free Ebay gift card.


Due to the ubiquity of Android and iOS games, many people don’t know that Facebook has a high-end games platform that can compete with the very best out there. But for the ---- users who have made Facebook their number one destination for premium games, ---.

Methods to get free gift cards

Social Media

1. Twitter Parties

Twitter parties are viable tool for companies to put out their product in front of the targeted audience. It is a regulated conversation thread started by companies on the social media platform to create awareness around a particular product. To reward users for their participation, companies usually give out rewards which may include free gift certificates.

Facebook is one of the largest social media websites featuring wide range of giveaways and online contests. Some free gift cards giveaway on FB works like this: A company releases a new product or service. The people that first like, share or comments are given free gift cards to use to purchase any of the company’s products. That is why it’s good to join the fanpages of these popular companies and watch out for updates.

But getting free gift cards on Facebook comes with its attendant issues. Scammers and undesirable elements online also use Facebook to defraud people. They will either make you do a specific action or disclose your personal details which they will now later use to scam you. So you need to be extra careful when shopping for free gift cards on Facebook. One thing I do is to always like official fanpages where I can get updates.


Due to fierce competition, many pharmaceuticals will entice consumers with free gift cards that can be used with them so that they can transfer their prescriptions over to the pharmacy. What we’re looking at here runs to several hundreds in dollars each year as the number of pharmacies doing this is huge. How do you get pharmacy gift cards? One way is to become a regular reader of sales circular pharmacies hand out periodically.

3. CVS

CVS Pharmacy is famous for its huge savings on a lot of items. To even save more, make use of their Free-After-Extra-Bucks feature. This weekly savings program work in the following way. When you buy any item that is offered under the feature this week, you get extra bucks. If you use the Extra Buck to buy items under the program next week, then you may not need money to shop for certain items again.

4. Walgreens

Like CVS, Walgreens is another popular store you can earn free gift cards on pharmaceutical items. You earn points on every dollar you spend on many products and services. You earn bonus points by buying some promotional products. And if you fill your prescription within 30 days, you get 100 points.

Rewards, Points and Survey Websites

There are some popular websites where you can earn points to be redeemed as gift cards. At this websites, you’re given simple tasks like filling survey, doing web searches and shopping. Some of the top sites in this category are discussed below.

5. MyPoints

MyPoints lets you choose from about 75 gift cards through points you earn from answering surveys, reading emails and doing web searches. Whenever you also shop on their website you earn points you can redeem for free-shipping gift cards.

6. Swagbucks

Swagbucks rewards you for doing the normal things you do online. Everyday tasks like searching the web, printing coupons, watching videos, shopping and answering surveys will give you points that you can cash in for free gift cards. The process of signing up is free, fast and easy. You even get some Swag Bucks as welcome bonus. Other than doing tasks above, you can also get points from hidden codes that can suddenly show up while you are on the website. 450 Swagbucks points will give you a $5. You can add more points to get bigger rewards. One thing I love about Swagbucks is they have thousands of rewards you can choose from, not only free gift cards.

6. Bing

Bing Ads runs one of the most reputable reward program online called Bing Rewards. The search giant makes everything, from signing up to getting your rewards, as effortless as possible. Just sign up for the program and start using the search engine the way you normally do. You earn points whenever you do a search and earn bonus points when you hit a number of searches. For me, the reward is the real icing on the cake – an Amazon gift card.

7. Mechanical Turk

I have a friend who is being a member of Amazon Mechanical Turk for almost a decade now and has earned lots of cash. For US citizens, earnings can be deposited into your bank account. For others, earnings can be converted to a gift card that can only be used on Amazon. How does this program work? You get to work on tasks. Tasks on Mechanical Turk (or MTurk) are called HITs, that is, Human Intelligence Tasks. The good thing is, MTurk boasts of thousands of tasks you can do. And if you do your HITs well and get good ratings, you will get access to more tasks. You can also do tests to get more qualifications so you can have access to HITs that are meant for qualified workers. HITs payments can range from $0.01 to $100.

8. Amazon Promotions

If you’re a regular shopper on Amazon, you must have come across their offers that go like this: “Spend $50, get a $25 gift card.” It is real. Make it a habit to always check around whenever you’re shopping at the ecommerce giant. The offer is a regular occurrence in the “Health and Personal Care” and “Grocery” categories.

9. Amazon Trade-In program

Still on Amazon, the store has a trade in program where consumers can exchange their old items like books, laptops, cell phones, movies, video games, digital cameras and other electronic gadgets for Amazon gift cards. Amazon has put everything in place to make sure the process go as smoothly as possible and that you’re paid the true worth of your items. You can even make sure you’re getting the right value by shopping around to see how much are being paid for similar items.

Gift Card Rebel - Get Free Gift Cards

There you have It. The gift card industry commands millions of dollars each year. And if you have not been taking advantage of this, you have been missing out. Start right away. Free gift cards can help you bring down expenses. You don’t even need to carry out any major adjustment in your life. The knowledge that you can actually save is all you need. And to be on alert. Because some of the best free gift card deals come out of nowhere and vanish like a comet.

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