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iPhone App store

The App store, like the name denotes, is an online store where Apple users can download iOS supported mobile applications. It is a digital distribution and software update platform, which was developed and is maintained by Apple. In the year, the app store launched alongside Apple's smartphone proving to be a financial success. It even popularized the generic term "app store". Even its competitors began providing similar services.

Before the advent of the app store, our mobile services provided experienced various limitations. If an individual wanted to be quickly updated with the news daily, it wouldn't have been possible back then. In today's scenario, nothing can stop one from learning a new language. Of course, back then, smartphones were not prevalent. I guess this is why; it was a smart move of Apple to launch both the app store and 3G at the same time. Now, with the help of apps, especially from the iPhone app store where there are million plus apps to cater our needs, we can develop our skills, be updated with current affairs, create avatars, meet new online friends, and much more. The list can go on and on, from car racing to solving math problems.

Although most of the apps are free, there are few which require payment for downloading, and some come with in-app purchases. The good thing is Apple has provided app store and iTunes gift cards, which are redeemable into credits. These credits then are added to the customer's Apple ID balance. It will enable the customer to purchase in the app store, iTunes store, and in iBooks too. The gift cards are a good choice of present, as they provide access to a vast collection of songs, applications, books, TV shows and movies.

There is no difference between an app store and an iTunes gift card, except for the packaging. A person can use an app store gift card to purchase movies and music in an iTunes store, vice versa. The gift cards can also be used for in-app purchases and in Apple books store. If the customer finds a problem after purchasing from the app store, then he/ she can directly request Apple for a refund, although, the reason must be valid enough.

Initially, Steve Jobs was reluctant in bringing in third parties, which eventually led to creating the Software Development Kit. Using this kit, software developers can create and upload mobile applications to the app store. The company themselves announced in 2017 that the app store had generated around $70 billion in revenue for the developers since its inception in 2008. From 500 applications, the store now provides over 2.1 million apps.

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App Store

About App Store

In hindsight, App Store is India's giant e-commerce Company founded by Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal in 2007. However, on closer observation, one would be amazed by its early stage, pioneering achievements, services offered, and products provided. In brief, both the founders decided not to run before they could walk and therefore, focused initially on trading books. Known to none that, it would progressively venture and expand; into other product categories such as consumer electronics, media, fashion, and lifestyle. According to an article by DMR, as of 2019 App Store offers a range of 80 product categories.

Why App Store?

The question is, why not? App Store, in so many aspects, has the upper hand. Although as a company operating nationally, it is head against head with Amazon, a large body in the e-commerce industry. Although it has applied a monopolistic strategy by eliminating its competitors by purchasing them, it still generates trust with its consumers, taking the online shopping experience to a whole new level.

App Store, born from scratch, has been a pioneer in services such as cash on delivery, no cost EMI, and other such customer-friendly policies. No cost EMI is the creation of App Store and Bajaj Finserv. Considered as a revolutionary step in the online market, it will help you say goodbye to processing fees, down-payments and monthly interests. Nielsen's global connected commerce survey in 2015 mentioned that COD represented 80% of App Store's overall orders. Cash on delivery is not just a delivery option; instead, it is also the daily production of confidence and reliance between the company and the consumers. All the products sold on this online market comes with a stamp of 30 days return or exchange guarantee.

Apart from being among the first few companies which flourished from planting e-commerce in the Indian soil, App Store is also among the most sought online market place by famous national and international brands. Its principal subsidiaries include Myntra, Jabong, PhonePe, Ekart, and Jeeves. Along with this comes, great discount offers on products from your expensive gadgets to your footwear and apparels. One can find an array of products, and as categorized in the website, it brings its customers electronics, TV and appliances, men's clothing, women's clothing, baby and kids, home and furniture, sports, books, DVDs, games, grocery, and more.

If you are an avid reader, you are in for a treat as App Store brings to its consumers, millions of books of various genres. Certain books even before their launch are available for pre-order. With control over three platforms: App, m.App and App Store mobile application; App Store has been leveling up its game. Its online mobile shopping application has over 100 million downloads and 8 million reviews with a rating of 4.5/ 5.

International Shipping

App Store is yet to establish international shipping. However, several shipping and consolidation companies, such as ShoppRe assist in international product delivery at wallet-friendly prices. Despite only national shipping, it accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit/ debit cards of 21 countries apart from India. The nations include Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK, and the US. Thereby, NRIs and overseas online customers can gift their family and friends, residing in India.

Gift Cards and vouchers

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How to use App Store Gift Card Generator

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