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What comes to mind, when you have to go for an errand outside well beyond your walking capacity or just to the airport? Uber? Started ten years ago in 2009, Uber’s visible expansion beyond San Francisco to 173 countries and 785 metropolitan areas proves its successful establishment. It has put the mark in the world for being the pioneer of comfortable and economical transportation services. Not only in passenger transport but it has a 25% market share for food delivery in the US. Due to this prominent sharing economy system, any changes in industries in terms of venturing out are getting termed as "uberisation."


Listed below are the levels of service provided by Uber:

  • UberX- the basic service provides for four passengers with driver in a standard car for private rides.

  • UberX and UberXL- are accessed with child safety seats (additional charges)

  • The following lists the rider services that are available only in certain cities and countries:

  • ASSIST- provided for senior citizens and persons with physical disabilities although it does not come with a provision for a non-folding wheelchair (available in UberWAV).

  • ESPANOL- bookable only in California. It comes with a Spanish speaking driver.

  • HEALTH- for health professionals in the US. It is a HIPAA-complaint method for patients to ride to and from appointments. For those without a smartphone, an automatic generated message is received by patients either via text or through the health professional's office.

  • CHAPCHAP- in Nairobi, Kenya provides passengers with a low-cost service (Suzuki Alto).

  • GREEN- escorts its European passengers in an electric car or hybrid vehicle at the same price as the UberX.

  • HIRE- available as a hire system for its Indian passengers.

  • BLACK- available with a professional driver in a black luxury car.

  • LUX- rides its clients in ultimate style and luxury; also it is their most expensive option.

  • BIKE- a dock less electric bicycle-sharing transport that can be rented by passengers via an Uber subsidiary Jump Bikes in 9 of the metro cities in the US including San Francisco and Washington DC. Users can also rent out Lime scooters in 46 cities via its mobile app.

  • FLASH- services run by ComFortDelGro in Hong Kong and Singapore culminating both private and taxis.

  • POOL- functions as a shared ride that is available for two persons per party going in the same general direction. Additional charge applies if the passenger(s) requests door-to-door service.

  • SUV- it's available as a means of utility transport.

  • PREMIUM- transport functioning in New York suburbs, London, and France that caters a high-end car to its users.

  • MOTO- motorcycle transportation for its riders in India, Pakistan, Indonesia, and the Dominican Republic.

  • PREMIER- comfortable sedan with a high-rated chauffeur service available in India.

  • VAN- users in Europe can access a van for a group of 6 passengers.

  • UberGO- a hatchback ride provided in India and Sri Lanka.

  • UberAUTO- local transportation called autorickshaw that users from India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka can use.

  • UberXL- a large vehicle that can accommodate up to 6 passengers.

Some services are still under development like its ambitious UberAIR/UberElevate that are seen to start its short flight services soon by 2023.

Is driving on Uber safe?

1. Drivers hired are required to meet the prerequisites of age, health, car age, and type (if they opt to drive in their vehicle), license, have a smartphone or tablet and need to undergo and pass the compulsory background check.

2. Vehicles used by the drivers, in almost all the cities, are subjected to fare in the safety inspections and should have the company's emblem on their passenger window.

3. To prevent and verify the drivers' accounts from being compromised, it has developed a system called 'real-time id check' that initiates drivers to take selfies on logging in occasionally.

4. The California Division of Measurement Standards (DMS) authorized Uber as the first ever company in delivering a reliable and accurate means of recommending fares using the GPS data.

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